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10 Study Spots in Downtown Tempe

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So, let's say your roommate is on her 4th hour of TikToking with no headphones on in the living room.
...or maybe you have THE cutest dog in the universe that naturally, he’s the ultimate distraction.
...or the kids are singing the Paw Patrol theme song at the top of their lungs, over and over.
...and when you absolutely can NOT work from home any longer?
...or maybe you simply need a cup (or 3) of coffee?

Whatever the case may be, sometimes we need to switch up our environment in order to focus and get some work done. 

Homework, monthly reports, and email inboxes around Tempe be warned... you're about to be *DUN DUN DUN* ... studied, completed and cleaned up. 

Here are 10 spots you can hit up around Downtown Tempe to get your focus on and squash those tasks.

1. Cafetal Coffee

Cafetal is the perfect spot for solo work time. It’s quiet, has great natural light, and is in a convenient location on College Avenue. Sebastian and his wife Nikki grow their coffee on the family farm in Colombia started by Sebastian's grandfather and now this fair-trade coffee shop now serves arepas, tortas and some of the best cold brew in the Valley.

2. Snakes & Lattes

When you can't just leave the kids at home, take them with you to this ultra-cool board game/coffee shop stop. Set up the kids with a board game (or six, they have over 1,000 borad games in the shop) at one table and set up your work station (free WiFi!) at another.  Treat yourself to a Nutella Latte or a Chocolate Cold Brew and an order of soft pretzel sticks or fried elote corn for the kids and you're all set. And don't be surprised if you find yourself searching the Game Library for your childhood favorites - Game of Life anyone?  Yep, they've got it!

3. Romancing the Bean

A charming Coffeehouse Cafe, Romancing the Bean is tucked away at the base of one of the blue glass towers at Hayden Ferry Lakeside. Louann and Robert Withers chucked their corporate jobs years ago and created this oasis featuring daily specials featuring varietal coffees, flavored teas, soups, and sandwiches. Throw in a selction of baked goods to die for and views of Tempe Town Lake within walking distance and you'll fall in love with this bean!

4. Cup of Joe Market Cafe

Located in the Westin Tempe on 7th Street and serving Starbucks coffee, baked goods, salads and healthy sandwiches, Cup of Joe will soon be your new go-to. Sit outside on the front patio or do one better and head up to the rooftop for Skysill Lounge and the best views of downtown Tempe and the Valley - amazing!

5. Original ChopShop Co.

You’re going to want to check out ChopShop’s patio, which is perfect for group study sessions and brainstorming.

With a front “porch”, string lights, and your choice of everything from wine to espresso, PLUS good-for-you food, you’ll quickly understand why ChopShop is so loved!

6. Ding Tea

Kumquat Lemon Iced Tea. Aloe Vera Lychee Juice. Winter Melon Milk Tea. Hokkaido Coffee Latte. Thirsty yet? You'll find these and more at Ding Tea, located on Mill Avenue between 7th Street and University. Their goal is to bring Taiwanese tea culture to the world and they do not disappoint. Shake for Life, no doubt!

7. WFM Coffee Bar at Whole Foods

Yes, Whole Foods. Grab a cup of Joe, a bottle of Kombucha, or an IPA from the beer wall and head upstairs above the check-out stands to the open air patio. Great people watching and room to get your work done. Bonus: pick up dinner from the hot bar before you head home. #Winning

8. College Avenue Commons at Sun Devil Marketplace

Located at the corner of 6th Street and College Ave, this public space is such a beauty, great for those days when you just need to be outside. With four-person tables and chairs under a glass canopy, this area is good for group study sessions, or for solo study. Grab a book, a brew from one of the local shops (Cafetal Coffee is right there or grab a pie from Uncle Maddio's!) and bring it outside to enjoy the view! Photo credit: Arizona State University

9. Starbucks

We all know and love Starbucks, and the one (of 3 in Downtown Tempe!) located right on the corner of University and Forest is a great spot to swing into for studying with a PSL in the AM. Bonus: When you’re finished with your work, you’re literally right downtown to meet up with friends, shop, or grab lunch!
10. Daily Jam

Looking to meet up with your crew to do flash cards, quiz each other for upcoming test, or plan your next project? This breakfast joint (open from 7:00 AM - 3:05 PM daily) is for you. Chill out and enjoy the morning sun (A+ patio), sip some coffee, and join the other energetic early-risers in starting the day off right.

What's your favorite study spot in Downtown Tempe? Share a photo tagged with #DowntownTempe to show us!

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