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Project: Spread the Love

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Art is healing.

In an effort to bring awareness and positivity, Downtown Tempe reached out to some of our favorite artists of color to bring love, hope, and awareness to our vibrant downtown.

Having worked with these artists before, we knew their artistic talents and brilliant minds would bring amazing pieces of art filled with love, diversity, inclusion, and positivity.

We want to highlight these artists and we hope you enjoy the murals they have created in light of the recent events facing our nation, and the world.

Felicia Penza

Felicia is no stranger to Downtown Tempe. She has worked on several projects including the art on our Mill Ave. Newsracks. She's a talent like none other and we couldn’t be more excited for her to share her message of love.

“I’m really wanting to talk organically about love,” Felicia shared. “But also connect it to the tone of what’s happening in America right now.”

Felicia has lived in Arizona for over 20 years and her art continues to inspire not only Downtown Tempe, but the rest of the Phoenix community as well. 

Check out Felicia's Instagram for updates on her present and future art projects!

Christanie Hunter

Christanie not only has her own art gallery in the Mill Avenue Shops, but she also partnered with Downtown Tempe earlier this year (before the craziness) on our Art Drop Series.

This is Christanie’s first large mural and the biggest piece she has done to date. But you would never know it! Her amazing interpretation and symbolic use of an icon help spread love and showcase the need for spreading love during these trying times. 

“With the message of love, I think painting [FKA Twigs] is a great representation of that,” Christanie shared.

FKA Twigs is an English singer/songwriter with Jamaican roots and can now add being immortalized in Downtown Tempe to her resume.

Check out Christanie's website and Instagram for updates!


Jayarr has produced SO MANY projects in Downtown Tempe. His amazing ability to produce works of love, inclusion, and relevance always shines through in any art project he produces.

Most recently, his art was featured with our Fence Art Project at Hayden Flour Mill. It reads “We're in this Together,” which was a message we didn’t know we needed until a few weeks later (you know… COVID-19 and all).

In this new 'Spread the Love' project, Jayarr highlights his ability to create a relevant piece of art that encourages a dialogue. There are many faces on his mural and all of them are experiencing different emotions -- as we all experience during difficult and uncomfortable conversations.

“This represents what is happening right now in the country and all over the world,” Jayarr said. “We have to take care of each other, y’all.”

Currently, Jayarr has partnered with Valley Metro to produce a coloring contest, which is currently live. Check it out!

For updates on Jayarr and all his projects, check out his website, Instagram, and Facebook

To check out these inspirational murals, head over to Centerpoint Plaza (near the AMC theater, 7th St. & Mill Ave.) and feast your eyes on the amazingness. Or check out our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

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