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UPDATE: 4/9/2020

If you want to help our local non-profit partners during this difficult time, please check out this updated list of non-profits and their current needs during this pandemic

Previous information:

By now, you have heard the difficult decision made by the City of Tempe and Downtown Tempe Authority to cancel all of major events through April. Unfortunately, that means no Tempe Festival of the Arts, 6th Street Market or Sunset Yoga Series.

In addition, the news has been blasted with headlines of cities across America closing up shop. Chicago announced they are closing all bars and restaurants, New York City just announced a similar plan and the state of California is also closing all nightclubs, breweries and wineries. These are just a few major cities that have announced plans and there are sure to be more that will flood headlines.

Our highest priority is the safety of Downtown Tempe visitors, residents, businesses, workers, and staff. We want everyone to know that we will continue to monitor the current situations facing our vibrant downtown area and community.

But, make no mistake, these closures, cancellations and new social atmosphere will inflict a major hit to our local downtown businesses. Over 70% of our merchants are small and local businesses that rely on the patronage of the public for their livelihoods.

While we transition our daily lives with guidance from the local and federal government, please remember the impact these actions will have on your community, your neighbors and those close to you.

We understand the decision not to visit stores or restaurants physically due to the recent concerns spreading across the country or in the coming days. However, we are hoping downtown Tempe visitors, workers, residents, supporters and the public will consider alternative options to help our merchants maintain their livelihoods and keep Downtown Tempe the greatest it can be.

Here are some ways to help support your small and local businesses:

  1. Shop online or over the phone. Many Downtown Tempe businesses have the ability to ship your favorite items to your home. Also, several of our restaurants use delivery services. Take a minute to reach out to your favorite restaurant and check out what services they use.
  2. Buy gift cards. If you, your friends or family shop at certain Downtown Tempe businesses, it’s a great idea to purchase some gift cards and come back at another time. 
  3. Show your love online through social media. Most of our downtown businesses have social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and websites. While you’re at home, look them up and share what they are doing during these hard times. Share their stories and help them keep their businesses afloat. Check out our business listings for more information. 
  4. Reach out to the Tempe Chamber of Commerce to see how you can help your local businesses. 
  5. Stay engaged and educated about the concerns facing our community, and how they impact you, through proper channels; or
  6. Check out Local First Arizona to see how you can help small businesses stay afloat and what resources are available to your community that can help support local businesses. 

With the cancellation of the Tempe Festival of the Arts and the 6th Street Market, local artisans, makers and purveyors will also suffer from an inability to showcase and sell their homemade goods. We established these events to give a place for these local home and small businesses to showcase and sell their work. We are proud be able to host these types of entrepreneurial hubs and will look forward to continuing them in the fall.

In an effort to help our local arts, makers and purveyors, we will be launching some initiatives in the near future that will hopefully help ease some of the pain caused by these recent cancellations. Please continue to check out our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on how you can help keep these artists in business. Art is a wonderful way to beautify your life and help someone live out their passion.

Until some of these new features can be launched, check out the Artist Directory on the Tempe Festival of the Arts website to shop their own websites, pages or contact them to see how you can help support them in their passion.

Please remember, we are all in this together and community has never been more important. We will get through this together and we look forward to continuing our efforts to make Downtown Tempe a vibrant, cultural destination for the community, visitors and the general public.


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