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Tempe Mission

Our Mission

Downtown Tempe Authority is working with all of our stakeholders to have a positive impact on the homeless individuals that reside in Downtown Tempe. Our larger scope aims to raise money, collect needed items, mobilize volunteers and raise awareness. The financial goal is to raise $100,000 that will be directed to four social service agencies that aid those in need in Downtown Tempe. 100% of funds raised and donations collected will go to our partner organizations that are having a daily impact on the local need. Funds will be raised through donations, special programs, fundraising events, matching grants and the Mission Meters. In addition, we will collect donation items and organize regular volunteer opportunities to add capacity to these same agencies.

The Tempe Mission campaign is something near and dear to our hearts and our mission at the Downtown Tempe Authority. Until now, there has been no overarching awareness, education or fundraising campaigns of this type in Tempe. Along with the downtown business community, we are putting our money where our hearts are to make it count for the local community.


Call 480-355-6060 to make a donation

Raised to Date: $106,206.85

(Financial Donations + Value of In-Kind Donations)