5 Ways for ASU Students to Stay Sane This Fall

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It's that time of year again...another academic year and another clean slate for our beloved ASU student population -- this one is for you Sun Devils!

Along with juggling your independence, academic, social and professional lives...you'll be making a myriad of critical decisions as you begin your transition into adulthood. The first few weeks on campus, whether new or returning, are extremely critical for all students. When I think about my first few weeks of classes, whether I was a first or third year student, one word comes to mind -- overwhelmed. Whatever you do, be sure to try and enjoy your college experience as much as possible. Below are just a few ways you can stay sane during the next few weeks and following months. 

Royal Coffee Bar

Start your day with an A.M. java jolt from Royal Coffee Bar | @royalcoffeebar


Desert Roots Kitchen

Pick up a fresh vegetarian/vegan lunch to-go at Desert Roots Kitchen | @mafwtempe


Tempe Town Lake

Take a break al fresco at Tempe Town Lake | @blackepatricia_


My Pie

Get your weekly 'za fix at My Pie, where you can create your own cheesy masterpiece! | @thatonedesignermatt


Yoga to the People

Breathe, stretch and refresh with an evening namaste at Yoga to the People | @yttpaz


These few ways to stay sane barely scratch the surface of what's at your fingertips in Downtown Tempe. Get off campus every now and then to relax and recharge. Best of luck to all of you new and returning Sun Devils -- I hope you have an amazing year! 

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