H.O.T is Hot for this Valentine's Day

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Romance is the only thing on one’s mind when Valentine’s Day rolls around. This leap year, we are lucky to have the big day of love on a Friday. That means we can all enjoy our romantic nights without the dreadful thought of having to work the next morning.

Downtown Tempe has a plethora of options for your romantic night on the town, but do you know where the hottest place to be for this Valentine’s Day is?


Well, we have the answer!!

We suggest igniting the fire of love at House of Tricks this February 14th.

House of Tricks is housed in a canopy of trees that transports you from the bustling downtown atmosphere to a tranquil, romantic environment perfect for first dates, date nights, special engagements and other special occasions.

“Valentine’s Day has always been the best day of the year for us, for many reasons,” Robin Trick, Owner of House of Tricks, said. “Couples like to come here because they think of House of Tricks as a romantic spot.”

House of Tricks has been a staple of Downtown Tempe’s for over 32 years. It all started with one simple bungalow and expanded into a spacious, unique environment of gorgeous outdoor patios, a bar and even a second bungalow.

“Having different, intimate spaces create an environment not typical of most restaurants,” Trick shares.

This year, House of Tricks is serving their regular lunch and dinner menus in addition to their Valentine’s Day specials. Since Valentine’s Day is situated on a Friday, these specials will run into Saturday, February 15th as well.

This year’s House of Tricks Valentine’s Day Specials are:



Green Chile Lump Crab Thermidor with Garlic Bread


Horseradish Crusted Prime Rib with Golden Beet Mashed Potatoes, Smoky Au Jus and Charred Asparagus


Seafood Fra Diavolo with Bucatini, Spinach and Basil Gremolata Breadcrumbs


Can any of that sound any yummier and/or fancier? I don’t think we have to convince you that House of Tricks is the romantic spot to nab on your Valentine’s Day date night.

To snag a table for this Valentine’s Day, take a jaunt to the House of Tricks website. Make sure you do it soon as they are sure to book up quickly! 

“It’s really more than just the great food,” Trick shared. “Our staff is so good with making guests feel special. On Valentine’s Day, everyone wants their partner to feel special.”


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