NO FOMB (Fear Of Missing Brunch)

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It’s ba-aack, and better than ever. We’re bringing you another round of one of our most popular events, the Downtown Tempe Brunch Crawl on Saturday, August 10, 2019.

This is not your typical bar crawl. In fact, we’ve turned it up a notch. How, you ask? This time around event tickets are just $5 each. We also increased the number of restaurant stops to 14. Each restaurant will offer exclusive drink + small bite items for just $7! That way you can explore all the flavors downtown Tempe has to offer. If those reasons aren’t enough for you, we have 5 solid reasons why you should whip out your “fat” pants and join us this summer.

  1. One word. Brunch.

C’mon. Do we really need to sell you on brunch?

Not sold? Alright, we’ll bite. Here are 4 other reasons…

  1. You will never see these menus again.

Our team has worked diligently with each restaurant to provide our brunchers with a unique and diversified brunch selection. These menus are exclusive for a reason. They will only be offered during the Downtown Tempe Brunch Crawl. After that, all bets are off.

To see all of the menus that will be offered during the Brunch Crawl take a look at this page.

  1. 14 stops… 14.

Now, we are not recommending you eat and drink at ALL 14 locations. But you could… Want a full list of participating restaurants? Check out this page.

  1. Do you own a special edition “Downtown Tempe” pair of sunglasses? You do now!

As a bonus, all Brunch Crawl ticket purchasers will receive their very own pair of “Downtown Tempe” sunglasses. They are rad. We promise.

  1. It’s only happening once.

No FOMB (Fear Of Missing Brunch)! Unlike previous years, the Downtown Tempe Brunch Crawl is only happening once this year. Don’t miss this fan-favorite event.

If you’re sold, you can buy your tickets here. If you need to be persuaded a little more check out this page for more info.


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