Virtual Tip Jar for Downtown Tempe Hospitality Workers

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In Arizona, over 250,000 people have become unemployed just in the last month. During these turbulent times, things are hard for everyone but some people are more impacted than others. However, we are all in this together and as a community, we will prosper through strength and compassion.

While we all practice social distancing and adhere to the stay-at-home order, most of us are enjoying a quarintini (or two) at home. While we all enjoy our beers, cocktails and wine at home, your favorite hospitality worker could use your tips.

While your pour that next drink, think about donating to our Virtual Tip Jar. The “jar” contains a list of Downtown Tempe business impacted by this crisis and the employees who could use your help. So, while you make a drink, think about tipping the worker who would have made it for you at your favorite Downtown Tempe business.

Virtual Tip Jar

Are you at Downtown Tempe hospitality work that is not listed in the Virtual Tip Jar? Please contact Lori Foster at


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