5 Things for the Perfect Spring-cation

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Who needs a trip to Rocky Point when you have so many crazy fun things to do in Downtown Tempe for Spring Break?!

We have 5 things for you to explore while you spend your Spring Break in the Valley and soak up all the wondrous weather we have to offer.

1. Enjoy some local tunes

Downtown Tempe has some fantastic venues to soak up some local music and one of them is Shady Park.

Shady Park hosts some amazingly talented local artist several times a week. During your Spring Break, they have a whopping four artists booked for your enjoyment.

On March 7, Opalescent takes the stage to bring you a mix of physical art and music. There will be live painting on stage, a showcase of artists and an esthetic you can’t afford to miss.

On March 8, Patrick Topping will perform during Shady park’s Treehouse Sundays.

On March 14, Will Clark will perform from open to close.

Lastly, on March 15, the floor will be bumpin’ with the music of Noizu and Kyle Walker as they take the stage for another Treehouse Sunday.

Just a little north of Downtown Tempe on Mill Avenue is the Marquee Theater. During your spring break, they will have some pretty awesome acts gracing the stage for your entertainment.

On March 11, Trippie Redd will take the stage and promises some special guests.

On March 14, Dance Gavin Dance will perform in Tempe on their Animals as Leaders Spring Tour.

On March 15, Soul Asylum, accompanied by Local H, will be at the Marquee to showcase their Dead Letter Tour.

2. Get some rays at Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake is a beautiful location to visit and enjoy some fantastic spring weather. You can rent a paddle boat and take in the sun as you float along the lake and pass under the magnificent bridges. This is a perfect activity to do with your significant other, your best friend, your mom… well, basically anyone! And you get that leg workout you’ve been wanting to do since the New Year.

You can rent a boat from Tempe Boat Rentals and get sailing!

On March 14-15, the Aloha Festival takes over Tempe Beach Park along the scenic lake. Check out our previous blog post, 5 Things to do this Spring Training Season, for more details on this culturally inclusive festival.

3. Take a dip

Believe it or now, Downtown Tempe has some pretty awesome pools within the hotels who call Downtown Tempe home.

If you are looking for a refreshing Spring Break, go explore some staycation deals at some of these local hotels.

The AC Hotel has a stunning pool that makes you feel like your swimming in a hidden oasis next to one of our stoic red mountains.

The Residence Inn has a rooftop pool that is sure to bring your eyes some enjoyment as you look over the downtown area while you lay in their sparkling pool.

Tempe Mission Palms houses a resort style pool that can be enjoyed by both hotel guests and guests looking to relax pool side and get out of the hustle and bustle of downtown while still being in Downtown Tempe.

Lastly, The Graduate Hotel is an awesome place to get away and enjoy a modern atmosphere accompanied with tranquility. They have a crisp pool to enjoy and an in-hotel restaurant to help you celebrate spring break.

4. Grab a scoop

While you’re in downtown soaking up the sun, attending the Aloha Festival, paddling across the lake or relaxing at one of the hotels, don’t forget about the #1 craving we all when the weather gets warmer: Ice Cream.

Downtown Tempe has two locations for some scrumptious ice cream to help you add some sweetness to your spring break.

At Sparky’s Old Town Creamery, you can get a scoop (or two, or three) of some homemade ice cream that is made daily. If ice cream is not your thing, they have some luscious sorbet to cool your mouth.

Down the street from Sparky’s, is Slickables Ice Cream Sandwich. You can get a super yummy ice cream sandwich for only $2.50! Can you believe it? These are definitely some very lickable sandwiches. They also have scoops for sale if sandwiches aren’t your thing.

5. Catch a flick

As the weather warms up this Spring Break, an air conditioned activity sounds spectacular, doesn’t it?

Downtown Tempe has not one, but TWO, movie theaters for your viewing pleasure.

AMC Theater sits at Centerpoint off 7th Street next to Pedal Haus (another Downtown Tempe gem). You can catch all the current movies and relax in their power recliners and enjoy a nice, cold pop!

Fun fact! Downtown Tempe houses Arizona’s oldest and longest operating movie theater. Harkins Valley Art Theater was constructed in 1938 and opened in 1940. This was one of the only buildings to be developed during the Great Depression in Tempe.

Today, the theater is still standing strong after $1 million in renovations and showcases movies like the Academy Awards Best Picture winner, Parasite, as well as other artistic films that may not make it into the larger theaters.

If you’re a movie buff, this is place where you should spend your Spring Break.

All in all, if you’re staying home for Spring Break, or looking for an excuse to, then Downtown Tempe has you covered.

See you all soon!


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